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Hello, my name is Stephen J. Childs and I am the founder and head instructor for VirtualVoiceLessons.Net. I just wanted to spend some time letting you know a little bit more about myself and about my decade long dream to give online voice lessons that has now become an exciting reality. You know, ever since I started training voice professionally in 1991, I had always envisioned a day when perhaps I could give voice lessons directly into peoples homes through their personal computers. The idea of it was so intriguing to me. I mean, the thought of reaching people all over globe, people who I would never have any other way to share my knowledge, drove me to forge ahead through the dark ages of early internet technology to today's growing virtual world.

"When I clicked the video I thought he was gonna be all metal about singing

but he's like the most delicate and devoted teacher ever." - Ražha Strel


"Hey Steve, I just signed up for your voice course online and I was very, very impressed. I just wanted to give you a compliment. I was impressed with how you explained things. I’ve had a passion to sing for a long time and had gone and tried some lessons years ago. The approach and presentation you have on your site is just amazing so I look forward to being a success and I’m just pretty darned excited about it." - Don Earl


"THANK YOU! I can't even tell you how much I appreciate this!!! (By the way, I have a blog, and I am going to share how wonderful you guys are!" - Melanie Moore


"We are clicking, you make perfect sense to me! I gave up on my vocal coach, because she was not making sense. I shall add this exercise to my practice to ensure I'm hitting the resonant spot.  God Bless, you rock!" - Cynthia Klenk