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Hear Steve and his students

A 15 to 30 minute instruction video that you view right on your computer or device. Each video is loaded with information, instruction and singing demonstrations by Steve and his students! Over 7 hours of instruction is included in this program! (See a List of Lessons)

- Most lessons will also include audio downloads with drills and exercises

that you can download to your computer (and burn to cd or put on an mp3 player). These are the same exercises Steve uses with his students every day! Over 30 drills and exercises are included in this program!

- Notes and text highlighting important points in the voice lessons. These bullet points help ensure that you get the most out of each lesson.

- Plus, you get periodic personal progress evaluations (read more)


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24 Online Voice Lessons for one low price. Less than the cost of one month with an instructor


You really can learn how to sing. I have taught hundreds of people just like you how to sing in my studio. Now, I can teach you right in your own home.


Be your own voice instructor. Learn how to recognize and immediately correct mistakes. 




What will you learn? Tone Development

Pitch Control

Increasing Vocal Range

Breathing TEchniques

Expressive Singing




Getting over stage fright

English phoneticss