"Hey Steve, I just signed up for your voice course online and I was very, very impressed. I just wanted to give you a compliment. I was impressed with how you explained things. I’ve had a passion to sing for a long time and had gone and tried some lessons years ago. The approach and presentation you have on your site is just amazing so I look forward to being a success and I’m just pretty darned excited about it." - Don Earl

"THANK YOU! I can't even tell you how much I appreciate this!!! (By the way, I have a blog, www.OnlyABreath.com and I am going to share how wonderful you guys are!" - Melanie Moore

"We are clicking, you make perfect sense to me! I gave up on my vocal coach, because she was not making sense. I shall add this exercise to my practice to ensure I'm hitting the resonant spot. God Bless, you rock!" - Cynthia Klenk

"Just wanted to voice my appreciation. I love, love, love this program. I'm having a blast!" - Bethany Brown

"I am amazed at how much better I'm singing since I'm learning the proper way. I sing in the choir and sometimes sing a solo part so I especially want to sing the best I can. These exercises are great!!" - Al Byrnes

"Wow! I have to say, just after one lesson, it's worth the money already. Thanks!" - Sylvie Hoang

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"I want to express my gratitude for a really good product but also for AMAZING Customer Service; I really feel you went above and beyond and service like that is often hard to come by in this day and age! - George Clark

"Steve, you've got some real skill and talent here. Kudos for putting it to good use and helping people out. I spent a good ten years doing production/engineering work in studios, your methods would have come in very handy with some of the vocalists. Keep it up!" - Dark City Sound

"I have taken voice lessons before and got a little better but I still wasn't singing really good. I would try out for bands and immediately you could tell no one liked my voice. I have already learned a lot from your videos and I think what really is helping is the way you explain things. You definitely have a gift at explaining things. It’s like a light bulb kind of went off as I'm watching your videos. I started noticing my voice kind of had its own uniqueness like those little sounds that just sound awesome to hear from singers." - Robbie Keller.

"I just want to tell Steve Childs he is a great teacher. Wow! Best vocal training ever!" – Oluwakemi

"May I start by saying how impressed I am with your course! I have learned more in a couple of weeks with you than years with private or online tutors. Your simple advice on how to reduce my nasal tone was brilliant.!" - D. Jones

"Thank you for the fantastic standard of instruction you give. I have been really enjoying this course. It is something that I always wanted to do and now that I have retired early, I have decided to pursue it. I'm glad that I chose VirtualVoiceLessons.Net, it's been one of my better decisions." - T. McLaughlin

"I am enjoying your virtual lessons! I have taken classical voice, and been singing for many, many years, but I am loving your approach to singing. Thanks so much!" - Steve Parker

"I found you from facebook and wow! I can't believe it! I'm a songwriter/musician who needs your voice expertise in a desperate way! I get what you're saying! And you blew me away with your voice control on Journey's song. I think (lol) you actually sung it better than Steve Perry! God bless your efforts and it is a pleasure crossing your way. Keep up the great work!" – Tommy

"Hey man, you got some real cool videos! I agree with you, anyone can sing, its just a matter of practicing it, like any other instrument. I'm a vocalist (poorly educated, self-taught, all instinct) and your lessons really helped me, so if you read this, this is just my thanks for the lessons." – Gui

"That's the PERFECT way to say it: 'Science and Art'. I was trying to explain to someone that singing wasn't just 'singing' and making a pretty noise, it was MUCH more than that. 'Science and Art.' And I've been looking ALL OVER for some pics of what this is and that is inside of me and what makes this happen, and finally found a place. Thanks." – Danielle

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"I am enjoying the lessons. God Bless." - Darlene Mueller

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"These videos are brilliant! Everyone says I'm a good singer and these videos have really boosted my confidence :)" - Kerrie-Simone Roberts


"I definitely like you.... you're great..." - R. Mebritz


"Nice explanation indeed!!" - Mal Webb


"So helpful. I am working on "Bobbing" now. Thx 4 the video Steve." Piper Simms


"I dub you my new singing guru. :D" - Ashley O.

"Incredible lesson on vibrato =) I finally understod it ! thx" - Brian Keller

"AMAZING!! :) I learned a lot." - Joaquín Valdez


"What a great lesson. After having my thyroid removed I seemed to have lost my vibrato. This really helps. Thank you!"- E. Andersen

"Wow..just by sitting up straight I feel like my voice is more clear and overall easier to project my notes. THANK YOU!" - Alex Hagendorf

"Great and clear explanation. Great teacher. High quality lessons overall. " - TJ Rossell

"I recently started lessons on your website, they are very good, effective and cheap!" - Juan Beltran

"I watched your vídeos and you encouraged me to make covers now I sing real good." - Jordenis Ferriera

"Music theory is oh so important. These days most people have no patience, and want to just dive in.  Thank you so much for your clear concise explanations on the  theory that is involved with singing. Without it you will just remain acquainted with singing. I would much rather develop a great relationship with singing. Just like having a best friend. :). Keep up the good work man!" - Max