Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There are thousands of Youtube videos that teach how to sing. Why should I pay for online lessons?

A: This is easily the most common question or comment about online voice lessons. The answer is simple: You get what you pay for, and if lessons cost nothing then that is exactly what they are worth. The reason is also simple. Many of the instructors on Youtube are not very good. They may be teaching methods, techniques and exercises that are either not effective or even harmful. While some of the instructors are qualified and capable, they are not really training students based on a bunch of random videos. To truly learn how to sing and become the best singer you can be, you need a structured program that helps you build a foundation based on fundamentals and then expand your skills to more advanced techniques. Certain skills must be taught in a particular order, and you need to understand which skills and exercises are applicable as you progress through a program. Countless people have tried to learn how to sing by watching dozens or even hundreds of videos and very few, if any, really make any progress. 

Q: Are online voice lessons as good as lessons in a school or music studio?

A: In some ways online voice lessons are even better than traditional lessons. With our lessons you can ‘take’ the lessons as many times as you want and you will be able to look at it later on to refresh your memory or reinforce what you have learned. In addition, you never have to worry about missing a lesson or having to take a lesson when you are busy, tired or distracted. You can take our lessons whenever it is convenient for you. Of course, our lessons cost far less than traditional lessons which makes them affordable for people who simply cannot pay the high prices for in studio lessons. Best of all, our lessons are taught by world renowned voice instructor Stephen Childs. You know you will be getting the best quality instruction available anywhere!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: We offer two membership options. For $38.95 you will get access to all of our lessons for 6 full months. Or, if you just want to try it out, you can pay only $8.95 per month, for as many (or few) months as you like. You can cancel at any time and do not have to pay any more.

Q: How does it work?

A: Our lessons are comprised of three parts: 1) A 12 to 30 minute video, 2) Audio exercises, and 3) Notes summarizing the key points of the lesson. The videos are of the highest quality and contain all of the information Steve gives to his students in traditional lessons plus additional insights, experiences and information that he does not necessarily give to other students. You see, Steve must teach you to be your own voice teacher by helping you understanding how it feels to sing correctly and what to listen for when you are singing. The exercises give you drills and scales to practice what you have learned in the lesson. We recommend that you do one lesson each week, but you can take them at a pace that is comfortable for you and fits your schedule. Steve has modeled this program after his in studio lessons which have helped so many people become great singers.

Q: What type or style of music will I learn to sing?

A: You will learn to sing virtually any style of contemporary music that you want. This includes Rock, R&B, Gospel, Pop, Music Theatre, Country, Heavy Metal and many more. Our lessons are not designed to teach classical singing, which is very different than contemporary singing. 

Q: After I join, when do I get the lessons?

A: You will get access to all of the lessons immediately after you register.

Q: What will I learn?

A: This program will teach you all of the skills and techiniques you need to be a good singer. This includes Tone Development, Pitch Control, Increasing Vocal Range, Correct Breathing Technique, Expressive Singing, Stylistic Techniques such as Vibrato and Raspyness, Getting Over Stage Fright, English Phonetics and so much more.

Q: What age range is appropriate for this program?

A: This program is great for most people ages 12 and up.

Q: Does the program work for males and females?

A: Absolutely. In fact, all of the downloadable exercises come in two or more versions, so no matter what your vocal range is, we have the appropriate exercises for you.

Q: Do I need to know how to read music or play an instrument to learn how to sing?

A: No, you do not need to read music or play an instrument. We provide exercises in downloadable audio files that you can play on your computer or mp3 player.

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