Read This If You Are Considering Taking Voice Lessons


Are you thinking of taking voice lessons? Whether you have taken lessons before or are considering it for the first time, here are some tips to help you make the right decision about taking lessons. Plus, we’ll help you find the voice teacher that is right for you.


Classical vs. Contemporary Singing

The first thing you should consider when looking for voice teacher is the type of training they have had and the style of singing that they teach. Many instructors are trained in classical (also known as operatic singing. This style of singing and the techniques involved are somewhat different than contemporary singing. Contemporary singing includes genres like pop, rock, country, gospel, R&B and really all modern music. It is important that your instructor understand how to teach these styles.



You will want a voice teacher who can give you exercises that you can practice at home. Doing exercises and scales in a studio is nice, but it is imperative to have these at your disposal so that you can practice them every day.



In order for you to truly master singing and control your voice, it is necessary to learn how the body works in relation to speech and singing. This includes understanding the mouth, throat, sinus cavity, lungs and muscles of the chest, stomach and back. Having an instructor correct you in your lesson is not the same as you having the knowledge to identify and correct your own mistakes and poor technique.


Health and Injury Prevention

You should have an instructor that teaches proper and safe techniques and also shows you how to care for your ‘instrument’. This is important in order to prevent injury to your voice and allow your to sing longer and stronger in each performance, as well as when you get older.



As with hiring any professional, you should expect to get references that show the instructor has many satisfied students. Just because an instructor has been teaching for a long time, or has degrees from prestigious institutions, does not mean that they are good at teaching.


At, our program was designed to teach you all of the skills necessary to be a good contemporary singer. Our instructors are trained and experienced in contemporary singing. Our lessons provide exercises that you can do over and over until you have mastered the skill. You will learn how the voice and muscles work so that you can control them when singing. And, we teach techniques that will ensure you do not harm your voice, as well as give you tips for maintaining a strong voice under any conditions.


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